Too Good to be True: “Bait and Switch” is alive and well in Phonenixville, Pennsylvania

“Bait and switch”.

It’s an old method of doing business and it has a long, long history-all the way back to the Garden of Eden, in fact. Eat the fruit, Eve, and you’ll know everything. You shall not surely die.

Well, we know how that one turned out.

We’ve all experienced it. Someone promises you a dream that quickly turns out to be a nightmare.

That dream “bait” could be wrapped in a “special price” and the nightmare could end in a “switch” costing you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars.

fishhookIt’s a scary scenario.

But, let me tell you, it’s one that occurs all too often in the Phoenixville (Pennsylvania) area. A local plumbing company “baits” you with a “special offer” for drain cleaning. While they’re cleaning it, unexpected plumbing issues are “discovered” and the drain line has to be “replaced” along with other costly add-ons.

Before you know it, the “switch” has occurred and you’re left with a huge bill and a new plumbing line and other services that you never wanted or needed. Even if the company went so far as to “replace” the supposedly bad drain line you still may end up paying for services that were never even rendered.

The “special price” has gradually ballooned into a gigantic repair leaving the customer with a depleted bank account and wondering “What just happened here?”

I’m telling you that no matter who you hire to do your plumbing, that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ask yourself this question: Do you really believe that a licensed plumber will spend several hours working on your drain line for only $99 and not find something else to ‘repair’? I can guarantee that they will find much more that supposedly “needs to be done” to your drain line and plumbing that will bust whatever budget you had planned for it.

Long before the subject of a new drain line ever comes up, all available options need to be  explored.  Any plumber worth their salt should do the following first:

  1. clear the line of of roots and all other debris
  2. camera the line and look for sags, bellies, and brakes or separations in the line
  3. after problem is located discuss options with customer

Once the plumber has completed the above actions, then a new line may have to be installed. But, that is such a radical and expensive repair that it should only, I repeat only, be a last resort for any reputable licensed plumber.

Look, economic times are still tough. No licensed plumber should ever sell you something you don’t need just to increase their volume. It’s unethical and as they used to say when I was a kid: It’s highway robbery. Don’t get baited into expensive repairs with some cheap special up front. Get only the plumbing repairs that you really need, no matter who may be doing it.

After all there’s nothing “special” about being robbed.

Call a licensed plumber at American Drain Cleaning and Plumbing (610) 342-6852 or check out our website at and have us take a thorough look at your lines. ADCP serves Phoenixville, Soudertown, Bridgeport, Harleysville, Spring City and the surrounding counties.

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